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      • Introducing George to the joys of textiles and yarns

        Jenna brought wee George around to my place today and didn't he have a lot of fun discovering the joys of playing with yarns. There are a lot of fun things to play with at Great Granny's house.

      • More progress is made.

        More progress has been made on the tapestry, but it is rather slow going as there are so many subtle colour changes in Harriet's face that I have had to unpick here and there before I was happy with it.

      • Progress
        I have made some progress on Harriet's portrait today, having finished the eye and now I need to work in the mouth area and build that up I was a bit concerned initially that I wasn't capturing her likeness, but when I look at the tapestry with my head tilted to the side I see that I have.

      • An interesting Water Photograph
        Yesterday I was walking around town, going to the library, and wandered into the Art Museum on my way. Of course I had my camera with me and here is one of the photographs.

        I really love grids, and was fascinated by this grid formation at the bottom of the pool and waterfal

      • The eye is woven

      • Reverse Tapestry
        This morning I was working on weaving the eye and eybrow section of Harriet's portrait and it wasn't going well at all, so I spent a good ten minutes unpicking what I had just woven and started again. You can see the crinkly threads from a section that was woven yesterday.


      • The drawing of Libby.....

      • Market Day
        Today I went for a walk into Hamilton East shops and saw that it was Market Day. As I wandered around the stalls I talk a number of photographs as resource material for a series that I have in mind to work on in the future. Here is one of the images.

      • Bobbins

      • Portrait of a Grandson
        This painting was made a bit over a year ago and is of my grandson Connor. I have been painting since I was a child, but when I started to weave tapestries in the early 1980's tapestry took over and I have only recently over the last three or four years started to paint with acrylics again.

      • A Drawing of Libby
        This afternoon I started working on a drawing of a friend's little dog Libby. I think I have captured her pensive look. It is a long way from finished as yet but I have made a good start I think. I offered to draw Libby with the idea that if the drawing works well I might get the odd commis

      • Progress on Anna's tapestry

        I have started working on the second section of Harriet's face.

      • McLaren Falls
        On the way home from Tauranga yesterday we stopped by the McLaren Falls. This is an amazing place, very inspirational.

      • A Day away from Home and Studio
        My friends Maxine, Craig and Maxine's Mum Maureen have been staying with me for the last few days and today we took a drive over to Tauranga. We had a lovely day, visited the Tauranga Art Gallery where we saw a great exhibition of paintings - Modern Fables - by Ray Ching. Awesome works. I t

      • Bird Bath
        A wee while back I went to Mitre 10 Garden place to buy plants and came home with a bird bath for my garden instead of plants. It is right outside my studio window and I get a lot of pleasure by watching the birds enjoy their baths. Here is a baby blackbird wanting a swim but not too game to get

      • Grasses
        This morning I was sitting outside in the sun eating my breakfast and getting my dose of Vitamin D for the day, when I noticed the sun catching the waterdrops on the grasses of the lawn. The sun was reflecting wonderful colours and I tried to capture that with my camera.


      • Storm clouds over Hamilton
        I really like the clouds here in Hamilton. They are quite different from the clouds in Christchurch where they are mostly lenticular and not the huge fluffy cumulus that we get here. Here is an image of storm clouds over Hamilton a few weeks ago. The beginnings of a thunder storm which are commo

      • Designing.
        Lately I have been working on some concepts for a potential tapestry commission.

      • Progress on the finishings of the Cloak Form
        I have been working on the finishings of this wee tapestry in the evenings while watching the television - if there is anything of interest to watch. Tonight a good movie was on on TV1 - The Reader.

        It is quite a long job to darn in all the threads in the back of a tapestry, even a sm

      • Starting Harriet - detail

        I am now working on the last portrait in the 'Three Girls' tapestry, so I am on the last lap with this work. Still a lot of work to do though, before it is finally completed. I try to work for at least three hours a day and sometimes more on this tapestry which is the major w

      • Ants on the sink bench.
        Ants can be a bit of a nuisance here in Hamilton. I never saw them inside in Christchurch, but here if the sink bench isn't wiped down well they soon turn up for a feast. I talk to them and tell them that they had better go away right now or they will be zapped! Have zapped a few here an

      • Leaves again

        Another tapestry leaf - front side after all warp threads are darned in.

        Back of leaf showing how it looks with all the warp threads neatly darned in and trimmed.

      • Tapestry leaves in process
        Well, here we are, only five days into January and already I have missed a day of adding at least one photo into my blog. So, maybe today I will do two entries, one this morning and one again this evening....haha! Up early this morning and weaving another leaf for the Leaves project. I put a

      • The muddle on my table tonight.

        This is how my table is looking tonight - a real muddle of yarns, photos, scissors etc etc. I have just started another leaf form for my plan of weaving enough tapestry leaves to form an installation of small tapestries. I am thinking of turning them into brooches as well and mountin

      • Cloak Form tapestries
        The first of the cloak form tapestries. This series will consist of four small sculptural tapestries each measuring around 28 - 30cm high and hanging from a central point. This one is 'Sky' or 'Air'. They represent the four elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth. I intend to moun

      • Cloak form tapestries
        This small tapestry came off the frame loom a couple of days ago. It is the second in a series of small cloak forms. These small sculptural tapestries will be displayed in perspex boxes which will hang on a wall.

        There is a lot of work to do to finish the

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