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  • 2017
    • April
      • Finished drawing and my Teaching at the Creative Fibre Festival in Christchurch
        I finished this drawing at about 11.30 the night before I left Hamilton in the early hours of the next morning - taking a shuttle to Auckland to catch a plane to Christchurch.

        Last Wednesday I flew down to Christchurch to teach a 2 day workshop at the Creative Fibre Festival w

      • Making Progress
        I am making good progress on this drawing.

      • Roberta's tapestry and more!
        Roberta is getting close to finishing her tapestry. She has been working on it for four weeks now and next week we are flying down to Christchurch so it needs to be completed within the next two or three days. This tapestry is taken from a photo she took when visiting Queenstown while she was stay

      • Roberta's visit and other stuff
        My friend from Denmark, Roberta Irgens Moeller has been staying with me for the last couple of weeks and is weaving her tapestry which features the landscape around Queenstown. Roberta comes to New Zealand each year and loves to weave a tapestry while she is here.

    • January
      • Another New Year begins.
        Well, will I do better this year with my blog. I guess time will tell but I will try and do an entry at least once a week. Facebook tends to take over and really it shouldn't.

        Today is a rather wet but not cold day here in Hamilton and I have been working on my second 'Cloa

  • 2016
    • October
      • "Cloak' exhibition at the Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville
        Last Saturday was the opening of the 'Cloak' Exhibition at the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville. We had a great crowd there and Justin Morgan the director told me today that over 200 people went through the gallery on Saturday. That was pretty awesome, and as usual the exhibition has att

    • August
      • The Opening of 'Cloak - Variations on a Theme' at Arts in Oxford

        Here are some images of the opening of the exhibition at Arts in Oxford. It was so good and a big surprise to see Betty Booth and her husband Graham at the opening. Betty is chatting to Ria, one of the Christchurch Guild members.

        Valerie and Haywood O

      • Cloak - Variations on a Theme
        Here are some images of the Professional Weavers Network exhibition 'Cloak - Variations on a Theme'

        At the moment this exhibition is on show at Arts in Oxford, a non profit gallery in the small Canterbury town of Oxford, New Zealand. This gallery has a superb light and airy sp

  • 2015
    • August
      • My tapestry has won an Award
        It was announced on Friday last week that I was announced the winner of this year's Kate Derum Award for small Tapestries. The Kate Derum Award is open to Australian and International artist at any stage in their career, for handwoven tapestries with a maximum size of 30x30cm. My tapestry �

    • February
      • Paintings
        I have been painting every day for the last few weeks as there is nothing on my looms at the moment, apart from a small work on a frame. I am waiting for warp threads to arrive from Glenora in Australia before I can put a new work on the loom. Anyhow, here are images of the latest series of pain

    • January
      • Painting again
        Today I went back into my painting room for the first time in quite a few weeks. My painting room is at the back of the house in a sleep out space and alongside a storage space. It is a lovely wee room and I feel very comfortable in there. I have started work today on a new painting. I am not su

      • My flight home to Hamilton
        Yesterday I flew home to Hamilton. I do not like aeroplanes - do not feel comfortable in them at all and get really quite nervous whenever I have to fly. I do make myself go, even though it would be much easier just to stay at home.

        I have found a way to make the time on the plane go

      • Veronica and her tapestry.

        This is my little sister Veronica posing by the tapestry of her that I wove many years ago. This tapestry has been hanging in our Mum's studio unit at Ngaio Marsh Village in Christchurch for many years. Recently however, Mum was shifted into a single room as she needs much more i

      • Mum's 90th birthday
        Today was our Mum's 90th birthday and we had a lovely family gathering at the Retirement Village. All of her children were there, and some of the grandchildren.

      • Sketch for the Family History
        My sister Yvonne Rea has been researcing the Rea family History for many years and I am now helping her to put her writings into book form on my computer ready for printing. Yvonne has glaucoma and is fairly close to losing her sight altogether, so this project has been a major one for her and it i

      • A tapestry in it's home
        A lovely day today meeting up with Christchurch friends whom I haven't seen for two years. Coffee in the gardens with Diane Ammar who worked with me on the Government House tapestries. So good to catch up with her and spend some time hearing about what she has been up to since I left Christch

      • A New Start for a New Year
        Wishing all of you who check out my blog a happy New Year for 2015. May it be a wonderful year for you all. I am down in Canterbury at the moment staying with my friend Wil and his partner George for a couple of weeks. I had Christmas with my family at my sister Vernonica's place at Waimarie

  • 2014
    • April
      • The tapesty is finished.
        Last week Anna came to Hamilton to cut her tapestry from the loom. Two of her friends came with her and I had two of my friends here so we had a lovely afternoon and it was great to see the tapestry finished at last. Here it is finished on the loom the day before it came off.

    • February
      • My Visit to Hobart
        The day after my birthday I travelled to Hobart with my eldest daughter Nicola and of course had my camera at the ready all the time. Flying over Melbourne on the way to Hobart. It was starting to get a bit dark and the sky was very hazy but we flew right over the city so I couldn't resist ta

    • January
      • Introducing George to the joys of textiles and yarns

        Jenna brought wee George around to my place today and didn't he have a lot of fun discovering the joys of playing with yarns. There are a lot of fun things to play with at Great Granny's house.

      • More progress is made.

        More progress has been made on the tapestry, but it is rather slow going as there are so many subtle colour changes in Harriet's face that I have had to unpick here and there before I was happy with it.

      • Progress
        I have made some progress on Harriet's portrait today, having finished the eye and now I need to work in the mouth area and build that up I was a bit concerned initially that I wasn't capturing her likeness, but when I look at the tapestry with my head tilted to the side I see that I have.

      • An interesting Water Photograph
        Yesterday I was walking around town, going to the library, and wandered into the Art Museum on my way. Of course I had my camera with me and here is one of the photographs.

        I really love grids, and was fascinated by this grid formation at the bottom of the pool and waterfal

      • The eye is woven

      • Reverse Tapestry
        This morning I was working on weaving the eye and eybrow section of Harriet's portrait and it wasn't going well at all, so I spent a good ten minutes unpicking what I had just woven and started again. You can see the crinkly threads from a section that was woven yesterday.


      • The drawing of Libby.....

      • Market Day
        Today I went for a walk into Hamilton East shops and saw that it was Market Day. As I wandered around the stalls I talk a number of photographs as resource material for a series that I have in mind to work on in the future. Here is one of the images.

      • Bobbins

      • Portrait of a Grandson
        This painting was made a bit over a year ago and is of my grandson Connor. I have been painting since I was a child, but when I started to weave tapestries in the early 1980's tapestry took over and I have only recently over the last three or four years started to paint with acrylics again.

      • A Drawing of Libby
        This afternoon I started working on a drawing of a friend's little dog Libby. I think I have captured her pensive look. It is a long way from finished as yet but I have made a good start I think. I offered to draw Libby with the idea that if the drawing works well I might get the odd commis

      • Progress on Anna's tapestry

        I have started working on the second section of Harriet's face.

      • McLaren Falls
        On the way home from Tauranga yesterday we stopped by the McLaren Falls. This is an amazing place, very inspirational.

      • A Day away from Home and Studio
        My friends Maxine, Craig and Maxine's Mum Maureen have been staying with me for the last few days and today we took a drive over to Tauranga. We had a lovely day, visited the Tauranga Art Gallery where we saw a great exhibition of paintings - Modern Fables - by Ray Ching. Awesome works. I t

      • Bird Bath
        A wee while back I went to Mitre 10 Garden place to buy plants and came home with a bird bath for my garden instead of plants. It is right outside my studio window and I get a lot of pleasure by watching the birds enjoy their baths. Here is a baby blackbird wanting a swim but not too game to get

      • Grasses
        This morning I was sitting outside in the sun eating my breakfast and getting my dose of Vitamin D for the day, when I noticed the sun catching the waterdrops on the grasses of the lawn. The sun was reflecting wonderful colours and I tried to capture that with my camera.


      • Storm clouds over Hamilton
        I really like the clouds here in Hamilton. They are quite different from the clouds in Christchurch where they are mostly lenticular and not the huge fluffy cumulus that we get here. Here is an image of storm clouds over Hamilton a few weeks ago. The beginnings of a thunder storm which are commo

      • Designing.
        Lately I have been working on some concepts for a potential tapestry commission.

      • Progress on the finishings of the Cloak Form
        I have been working on the finishings of this wee tapestry in the evenings while watching the television - if there is anything of interest to watch. Tonight a good movie was on on TV1 - The Reader.

        It is quite a long job to darn in all the threads in the back of a tapestry, even a sm

      • Starting Harriet - detail

        I am now working on the last portrait in the 'Three Girls' tapestry, so I am on the last lap with this work. Still a lot of work to do though, before it is finally completed. I try to work for at least three hours a day and sometimes more on this tapestry which is the major w

      • Ants on the sink bench.
        Ants can be a bit of a nuisance here in Hamilton. I never saw them inside in Christchurch, but here if the sink bench isn't wiped down well they soon turn up for a feast. I talk to them and tell them that they had better go away right now or they will be zapped! Have zapped a few here an

      • Leaves again

        Another tapestry leaf - front side after all warp threads are darned in.

        Back of leaf showing how it looks with all the warp threads neatly darned in and trimmed.

      • Tapestry leaves in process
        Well, here we are, only five days into January and already I have missed a day of adding at least one photo into my blog. So, maybe today I will do two entries, one this morning and one again this evening....haha! Up early this morning and weaving another leaf for the Leaves project. I put a

      • The muddle on my table tonight.

        This is how my table is looking tonight - a real muddle of yarns, photos, scissors etc etc. I have just started another leaf form for my plan of weaving enough tapestry leaves to form an installation of small tapestries. I am thinking of turning them into brooches as well and mountin

      • Cloak Form tapestries
        The first of the cloak form tapestries. This series will consist of four small sculptural tapestries each measuring around 28 - 30cm high and hanging from a central point. This one is 'Sky' or 'Air'. They represent the four elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth. I intend to moun

      • Cloak form tapestries
        This small tapestry came off the frame loom a couple of days ago. It is the second in a series of small cloak forms. These small sculptural tapestries will be displayed in perspex boxes which will hang on a wall.

        There is a lot of work to do to finish the

  • 2013
    • December
      • Christmas Dinner
        Christmas dinner at my daughter's home.

      • My student Lai.
        I have had my student Lai staying with me for the last few days. We had a lovely time together and she made a good start on her tapestry, taking it home to complete in her own time.

      • My Studio Today
        Here is how my studio is looking today. Anna's tapestry on the loom, loads of yarn on the table - busy, busy!

      • Starting again!
        It is a long time since I have looked at my blog and put in an entry. My life has been really busy and I have posted stuff on my Facebook Page instead of on my blog. I have decided that next year I am going to try and put one photograph a day on my blog, and practising today, getting ready for 1

    • May
      • Two Thirds Done
        I have been working well on the Duvauchelle's tapestry and have just completed the second third, ready to start work on the boatsheds section. I am pleased with how the kereru (native wood pigeon) looks. He wasn't too hard to weave and the plain blue background meant that it was done in l

    • April
      • Teaching the Grandchildren to Weave
        My son's ten year old twins, Brennan and Cairenn have been staying with me and Kris for the weekend and they have been quite intrigued by the tapestries. Brennan had a go on my tapestry weaving the edge section. He is quite a natural working well with his hands and only had to be told once wha

      • In Memory of.....
        My longtime friend Peter died about a week before I left Christchurch. I first met Peter when I was 15 years old and he was 21 and we have been close friends ever since. He has been a major part of my life all my life really, and I miss him such a lot. Luckily he didn't suffer for too long an

      • Back to My Blog at last
        Well here I am again after another long break from my blot. It has been a very eventful time for me since my last entry in January. February was spent working hard on my cousin Kevin's tapestry as it had to be finished before my shift to Hamilton. I was so pleased to get the work off the lo

    • January
      • A work in Progress
        Here are a number of photographs showing the progress of the Maureen and Tony tapestry from its start to its almost finish. Since my decision to shift from Christchurch to Hamilton I have been working very hard to try and complete this tapestry before I leave Christchurch at the end of February. T

      • Holiday Time
        I haven't done much weaving over the last couple of weeks what with Christmas happening, then a trip to Westport to stay with my sister Yvonne for a week. I have had a lovely break, and now it is time to get back to work and also to make another huge decision for the rest of my life. I have

  • 2012
    • December
      • "Riding the Waves' An exhibition of new work by Maxine Burney
        Last weekend we had the opening of Maxine Burney's exhibition 'Riding the Waves'

        Here is Maxine with the painting that provided the title for the exhibiton. The inspiration for this work has been the loss of her studio in the Arts Centre of Christchurch after 1

      • Friends from Australia
        A few weeks ago now Janet de Boer, her husband Peter and Garry Benson came to stay on their first night in New Zealand. They were travelling around the South Island and had a great time. Garry and Peter stayed another night before they left to go home as Janet had gone back to Australia earlier.

    • November
      • An Exhibition at the Hallway Gallery
        This weekend I hung an exhibition of lovely abstract paintings by two artists Kay Hunter and Susanne Van Tuinen. The works went up very easily and they look great in the space. Here is a lovely image of Susanne hanging one of her small abstract paintings with Kay standing at the back of the Hallway

    • October
      • Commissions
        For the last few weeks I have been working on two commissioned tapestries. The first one is a portrait of my Uncle Tony and Aunty Maureen. This work has been commissioned by my cousin Kevin Hickman and will be an heirloom work for his family.

        The photo below shows how the t

    • July
      • Photos of the Opening of 'Synthesis'
        Last Sunday was the opening of our exhibition at Arts in Oxford. It was a lovely event, lots of people came and it all went off without a hitch.

        Speech time! Wilson explaining his love of weave structures. Brent Firken the Gallery Director at left.

        Talking with

      • Hanging the exhibition "Synthesis - The Links Between"
        Yesterday, Wilson, George and I had a very busy day hanging the exhibition 'Synthesis - The Links Between". I first visualised this exhibition of my paintings relating to Wilson's work over two years ago and it has taken us this long to get it all together. We were first booked to

    • June
      • My First Live-in Student at 74 Edward Avenue
        My first student since I shifted into this house, arrived Monday a week ago to stay for ten days and learn to weave tapestry. Ngaire comes from south of Canberra in Australia, and has been a lovely student to work with. She has picked up on the techniques of tapestry very quickly, woven a sample

      • 'Four Directions in Tapestry'
        Last April I travelled to Blenheim with my friend Serena to hang the exhibition 'Four Directions in Tapestry' in the Marlborough Art Society Gallery in High St. The exhibition featured the work of four New Zealand tapestry weavers - myself, Trish Amour, Elizabeth Arnold and Stephenie Col

      • My New Home, Studio and Gallery
        ]On 10th March I shifted into my new home, a lovely old villa in St Albans Christchurch. I decided that I needed to have a larger home as once my studio was installed in my small two bedroom flat after the earthquake, there was just no room to move. I couldn't have anyone to stay and was una

      • Still Slack!!!!!

        I have finally opened up my blog page and realise that my last entry was way back in January. I guess I have some small excuse as since then I have shifted house, set up my new studio and Hallway Gallery and contracted shingles which is only now starting to get better, work

    • January
      • A New Start for the New Year
        I have been very slack about updating my blog over the last few months. I have been working on a number of tapestries and drawings etc for exhibitions and have been hesitant about publishing them on my blog until after the exhibitions are over. But becvause these exhibitions won't be happenin

  • 2011
    • August
      • A Book about the Tapestry Screen
        I have been working on a booklet about the story of the making of the Government House Tapestry Screen. This screen has such an interesting provenance that I felt it was necessary to write a booklet about it. As Her Excellency Lady Susan Satyanand owns the copyright as the commissioner of the Scr

      • The Government House Tapestry Screen
        At last I can tell the story of my last commission. In November last year I was approached by Ian Athfield Architects to submit a design concept for a tapestry screen for Government House. The screen was to be commissioned by Her Excellency Lady Susan Satyanand, the wife of the Governor General,

    • June
      • Another visit to the Arts Centre Studio
        Last Thursday we were allowed back into the Arts Centre Studio to bring out some more of our 'stuff'. Wilson managed to bring his loom out and also his plinths and other things. I got the rest of my paintings the old tapestries that were in the storeroom, more of the yarns and heaps of o

      • Exhibition at 'Art in Oxford'
        The current exhibition at 'Art in Oxford' is 'Moving On' an exhibition of works by leading Christchurch artists. It was organised by Philip Trusttum and shows the work more than 90 works by 44 artists. I am really happy to have my tapestry 'Lace 2' as part of this ex

    • May
      • My Painting 'Native Fuschia'
        Yesterday I took the painting 'Native Fuschia' to live at my brother Tony's place. His wife and my sister-in-law, Marilyn, really loved this work so I suggested that I hang it in their lounge on a loan basis.

        Here it is as it looks in a close up view.

    • April
      • The Transition from One Studio to Another
        The transition from one studio to another has taken a wee while. When I first came home to Christchurch a little over two weeks ago, my first thought was to visit my looms which were sitting in my brother's warehouse.

        This is how the tapestries, the bobbins and the yarn

      • My Studio in the Art Centre of Christchurch is No More!
        I am finally back into my blog again and see that my last entry was made on the 11th February. That day my studio was looking great and Diane and I were working away on my commissioned tapestries. Today, two months later this is how the studio looks. It is roughly the same area as the photograph s

    • February
      • Busy in the Studio
        This is my first entry on my blog for this year. I have been working, since my return from Hobart in early January, on a commissioned work that I am at the moment unable to publicise or advertise. However I can show you all the studio with one piece on the loom. This commission has a fairly tigh

  • 2010
    • December
      • The James Chu tapestry is Completed

        Here is the James Chu tapestry as it was nearing completion. His wife Julia, who commissioned the tapestry in memory of her husband James, came into the studio last Saturday and cut the tapestry from the loom.

        And here we are after the tapestry was released from t

    • November
      • A Day in the Studio
        Today has been rather quiet in the studio. I took Sharon to the bus depot yesterday morning so she is now doing the tourist thing down near Queenstown and visiting Milford and Doubtful Sounds, Te Anau, Wanaka and seeing the south of the South for two weeks before she heads north to Hamilton to spen

      • Sharon Left Christchurch this Morning.
        Yesterdy was the last day of Sharon's weaving tapestry in the studio and she completed her tapestry and even managed to do a small sample learning pick and pick, diagonals and half a circle. So she worked very hard during the two weeks she was here and was very happy with what she had learnt a

      • My Third Student from Overseas
        This has been a very busy week for me as I have my third student Sharon who hails from near Boise in Idaho. She is spending two weeks with me, sharing my home and studio and learning to weave her first tapestry. We are having lots of fun and Sharon is thoroughly enjoying weaving the small work whi

    • October
      • Canterbury Spinners and Weavers Area Exhibition
        Last week I attended the opening of the Canterbury Spinners and Weavers Area Exhibition. I had submitted 'Lace 2' the tapestry of my daughter in to this exhibition and I got a lovely surprise when the work was awarded a special award called The President's Award. Here is a photo of

      • The portrait commission is Progressing
        I am progressing well with the portrait commission. Yesterday I worked on the first eye and I think I have got it okay. I was hoping that I would not have to unweave it and do it again, and, looking at it, I don't think I will have to do that. This first photograph was taken a few days ago

      • A change around in the studio
        Since the earthquake we have had a bit of a change around in the studio, trying to make a little more room for visitors to wander about in without knocking into plinths or suchlike. I have also filled up the walls by hanging the tapestries on the back wall instead of having them hanging from the cu

    • September
      • Stuff Happening in the Studio
        Yesterday was a different day in the studio because the guys were drilling the broken chimney above the studio. They were drilling 4 metres down into the stone to be able to put steel rods in to stabilize the chimney. There is no fireplace in the studio or in the basement below us but the chimney

      • After the Earthquake
        What a shaky few days we have had after our major earthquake early on Saturday morning. Today was the first day we were allowed into our studio and I was quite surprised to find that it was mostly alright - no damage to any work or to the looms either, so all good. However my corner of the studio

    • August
      • Finally - The Cutting Off
        Last night was the night - the cutting off of Lace 2. It has finally happened! The tapestry is off the loom! Hoorah! We had a great celebration. Almost 50 people, friends and family turned up for this event on a very wet, cold miserable evening. But what a lovely time we had.


      • The tapestry is fiinished.
        Hooray! I wove the last of the heading and the last row of soumak knots yesterday and now the tapestry is finished. It is sitting on the loom waiting for the weekend when Lissie will cut it off. So I have a whole six days without any weaving to do. Good for my body probably but it will feel a bi

    • July
      • The Millennium Tapestry coming down from its place in the Mayoral Chambers
        Yesterday morning the Millennium Tapestry was taken down from its site in the Mayoral Chamber of the Christchurch City Council. It is going to the Christchurch Art Gallery to be stored until later next month when it will be hung in its new place in the brand new City Council Building. I went along

      • Two more weeks to finish the Tapestry

        On the weekend of the 7th August my daughter Lissie and her husband Ian and son Connor are coming to Christchurch. Lissie is going to cut the tapestry off the loom and we will have a celebration. It will be so good to have this tapestry finished. It has been on the loom for so long a

      • The Changing Fell Line

        And now at last I can see Lissie's second eye. If you tip your head to the left and look at the work that way, the eye is quite clear. Hurrah!

        I am getting there. I went into the studio early today and worked really hard and on the left side I have only abo

      • More Progress

        These two photos were taken on Thursday 15th July and as you can see I am moving up reasonably quickly. Yesterday I completed the second eye and moved up even further, so I am hoping that today I will complete the top of her eye - the blue secton to the left. I still have t

      • Another Progress Report

        As you can see from this photo I am now working on the left hand side of the tapestry, building up the second eye. The last two mornings here in Christchurch have been very cold, minus 6 degrees centigrade yesterday morning and not much better this morning, so good frosts have covered t

      • The Changing Fell Line
        These two photographs were taken yesterday the 9th July, showing more progress on 'Lace 2' Three days work from the last images.

        This photograph shows a close-up detail of the tapestry.

      • The Changing Fell Line continued
        This photo was taken yesterday evening after another two days work since the last entry.

      • The Changing Fell Line
        I have been working hard on 'Lace 2' over the last few weeks and progress is being made. I have decided to post images of my progress on this tapestry as it is nearing completion though probably still at least a months work on it to do. The fell line is the top line of the weaving and it

    • June
      • Anita's tapestry is finished
        Anita's two weeks with me has finished and she completed her tapestry sampler and cut it off the loom last Saturday morning. She is very happy with her progress and looking forward to starting a new work at home. She took a frame home with her with a warp on it and a design all ready to start

      • Anita's Tapestry is Nearing Completion

        Anita's time in my studio is fast coming to its end as it is now Thursdy evening and she is flying home to Australia on Saturday afternoon. Her tapestry is looking good with the last exercises to do tomorrow. Saturday morning will be spent in cutting off the tapestry and finishing

      • My New Student
        My new student Anita arrived a week ago and has been weaving in the studio ever since. She is a new tapestry weaver and is learning the techniques on a sampler that is very reflective of her home country, Australia.

        Don't you love the colours, rich reds, russets and or

      • 'Within the Square' The Travelling Suitcase Tapestry Exhibition 2010
        The Travelling Suitcase Tapestry Exhibition is now packed up and on its way to the next leg of its journey in Dunedin. It was exhibited here in Christchurch in the Cloisters Gallery in the Arts Centre recently for two weeks and had a lot of visitors and a lot of positive comments. This exhibition

    • May
      • The Tapestry is Finished

        Here are the last images from Helen's Studio Experience and workshop with me. She is now winging her way home to China. I asked her if she would write a little about her experience here in my studio and has given me permission to do with it what I want. So here is her

      • Progress on Tapestry

        This photo shows Helen photographing her tapestry after working on it for the first week of her stay in the studio. Below is a closeup of the tapestry.

      • A Mini Exhibition of my Daily Sketches
        A suggestion by tapestry weaver Janet Austen from America that I do an exhibition of my daily sketches resulted in a small exhbition of these works. I had the bright idea of showing them on the wall of the landing on our stairs up to the studio. This has worked well and the sketches are looking go

      • The work progresses
        Helen is progressing well with her tapestry. She has an innate sense of colour and is developing the skill of mixing the strands of yarn to create the colour she is visualising in all parts of the tapestry.

        Riko visited the studio on Sunday afternoon with her husband Hugh and

      • My First Live-in Student has Arrived
        My first live-in student, Helen Cadogan, flew into Christchurch yesterday afternoon and she will be staying with me in my home and studying tapestry in my studio for the next two weeks. She was pretty tired after travelling all the way from China to Christchurch but was happy to be in the studio fo

    • April
      • Irene's painting is finished and studio things
        Well, it took me a while but Irene's painting of the Pohutakawa blossom is finally finished. I really enjoyed working on this painting and have decided that now I have started working with the acrylic paints again I really should continue with it.

        In the studio I

      • My first painting for Thirty years
        At home I am working on a painting commissioned by my brother Peter for his daughter Irene. Irene is now living at Maraetai Beach with her husband Shaun and children Charlie and Emily. Maraetai Beach has many pohutakawa trees growing along the beach front so this paiting is of the pohutakawa bloss

    • March
      • Progress of Lace 2
        Since my return from up north I have been working on 'Lace 2' again and am progressing well. I would love to have this tapestry completed this year if possible.

        I have been working in this right hand corner - a lot of colour blending and doesn't the little bi

      • A Neat Surprise
        Before I came home from Auckland two weeks ago today, I attended the Professional Weavers Seminar which we have every year. The Professional Weavers Network of New Zealand Inc, has been going since its inception in 1991 at the International Weaving School in Picton where myself and Birgite Armstron

      • Back in Christchurch
        Well, here I am, home again after three and a half weeks away in the North Island, visiting my kids, the four of them that live up there, visiting friends, Ross and Anna and also visiting galleries with a view to being able to show my work in Auckland. I am pleased to say that at this stage three

    • February
      • Two more sketches and a small tapestry
        Here are two more pen and ink sketches, drawn the last two evenings. I made plum chutney the other night and this first sketch shows the jars of chutney sitting on my table.

        I was chatting to my eldest daughter Nicola while skeching these jars so they are almost a doodle.
    • January
      • A Sketch a Day
        This year I made a New Years resolution to try and do one sketch every day so I went out and bought myself a small sketchbook and so far I have only missed two days, so feel that I am doing quite well. I decided to draw whatever was on my kitchen table each day. Some days there is not much on it so

      • 'Colour and Light' An exhibition by weaver Peg Moorhouse
        Last night was a very exciting night for my 92 year old friend and weaver Peg Moorhouse. Her exhibition 'Colour and Light' was opened in the Mezzanine Gallery at CoCA (Centre of Contemporary Art). Peg has been weaving for many years and at the age of 75 purchased an Oxebeck damask loom f

  • 2009
    • December
      • Tapestry completed and other stuff
        The small tapestry 'Sentinel' is now complete and ready to put in its frame. It will sit in a box frame which is how I usually mount the small tapestries.

        Last week I travelled up to Blenheim with Penny Orme, a local arts writer, critic and curator. We visited Peg

    • November
      • My latest small Tapestry
        I have now started working on a series of small tapestries featuring birds. I am about halfway through the first one. This tapestry is of seagulls swimming in the pond in the North Quad of the Arts Centre. I was out on the balcony one day when I noticed the seagulls swimming in the pond and then

      • Drawings I have been doing this year
        I love to draw and have been doing so a lot more lately, working in my wee studio at home in the early mornings and evenings when I am not on my computer. My recent work is a series of conte and charcoal drawings on New Zealand native plants. The drawing below started me off on this series of wor

      • More of Threads of Light - Last day of Exhibition
        Yesterday afternoon Wil, I and Koji took the exhibition 'Threads of Light' down after three weeks of its showing at Form Gallery. It is always a bit sad to see an exhibiton come down but we had lots of good feedback about the work and lots of people made special trips to see it. Wilson

    • October
      • Threads of Light
        The exhibition 'Threads of Light' was opened on Wednesday night last week at Form Gallery which is situated in the Christchurch Art Gallery, opening out on to Worcester Boulevard. The exhibition features work by myself and Wilson Henderson. We have been working towards this exhibition f

    • September
      • I am back working on 'Lace 2' again
        This last couple of weeks have been very busy as usual. I have been working on 'Lace 2' again and I can finally see the finish line. I lowered the tapestry and when I readjusted the cartoon, there it was -the finish line in sight. But there is still probably six months work left to do.

      • The exhibition at Selwyn Gallery, Darfield
        Yesterday morning, the exhibiton 'Fibre and Form' was opened at the Selwyn Gallery in Darfield. It was a nice friendly opening on a lovely sunny Saturday morning.

        There was not a huge number of people attending but Wil and I were both very

      • A Busy Day
        It has certainly been a busy day today. Wilson and I have been setting up our exhibition 'Fibre and Form' at Selwyn Gallery in Darfield. Darfield is a little country town in the middle of the Canterbury Plains and is about a 40 minute car ride from Christchurch. We arrived out there abo

    • August
      • Nina's tapestry ready to be delivered to her.
        Ninas's tapestry is now completed, framed and mounted and ready to be delivered to her soon. I decided to frame this tapestry as I felt it needed the frame to set it off. It was just a little too small to hang on its own on the wall. I am really pleased with how it looks in its frame. Here

    • July
      • The Cutting Off
        Here is a photograph of my grandaughter Esther cutting Nina's tapestry off the loom with me looking on and supporting the work as she cuts the warp threads.

      • Tapestry completed

        On the last lap! here is a close up view of the work.

        And here is the finished work, waiting to be cut off the loom. I am really pleased with how it looks. From a distance the faces come together very well.

      • Two Faces finished
        Well at last the hard part of this tapestry is now done. Both faces are complete and I think I have captured the likeness's well. Quite a lot of reverse weaving was done in these areas, and I had to be absolutely sure that the shapes in the planes of the faces were correct.

    • June
      • More photographs of Nina's tapestry

        Work is going well on Nina's tapestry and I have now had word from her that she is happy with the images I sent her of work in progress. She and her partner are away overseas at the moment. I think I have captured her personality quite well in this tapestry and I am now work

      • Work progressing

        I have been working well on this portrait tapestry and here is an image of my progress to date.

      • A Portrait Commission
        For the last four or five weeks I have been working on a commissioned double portrait. Nina gave me a few casual snapshots of herself and her partner and from those I created a design concept for the portraits. I selected the faces from the photographs, enlarged them and simplified them on the com

    • May
      • 'Mysterium' at CoCA
        I was thrilled when the monofilament woven work 'Mysterium' was accepted for the Anthony Harper Award exhibition at CoCa,(Centre of Contemporary Art). It is good to be able to show a work more than once. This work was woven for the Professional Weavers exhibition 'Light Waves' a

      • Southern Muster
        The exhibition Southern Muster is currently on show in the Mair Gallery at CoCA. It is an exhibition featuring a number of top craft/object artists who are practicing in the South Island. The
        exhibition was curated by Penny Orme who invited each participating artist to submit two works for t

      • New Drawings
        Over the last three months I have been working on three large drawings featuring New Zealand plants. They are worked in conte, and charcoal and I am quite pleased with how they have come up.

        The New Zealand flax is not at all like the European flax from which linen is made.

    • April
      • Lace 2 - A long term tapestry project
        Here are some images of the progress of the tapestry 'Lace 2'. This work has been on my loom now for some time, almost two years I think and in that time I have spent about nine months weaving on this tapestry. I am just over half way, just past the first eye. The tapestry features my

      • More images from 'A Common Thread'
        Yesterday I travelled back to Timaru to attend the NZ Tapestry Network meeting and whilst there also visited the PWN exhibtion again and took some more photographs.

        Here is a close up view of Wilson's lovely table setting. It is unusual in that it is made up of three lo

      • A Common Thread
        Early this week Wilson, myself and Alison Francis from Auckland travelled down to Timaru to hang the Professional Weavers Network of New Zealand exhibition 'A Common Thread' in the Function Centre of the Landing Services Building. This wonderful old stone building is one of the oldest in

      • Our Official Opening for the Studio

        Last Wednesday evening we had an official opening for our studio as we are now all settled in and working well together. It was a lovely gathering with a number of our friends coming to help us celebrate our new space. This photo shows some of our friends and visitors. Gwen on the righ

    • January
      • The shift is Completed
        Well, it is finally 'done'. The shift into my new studio is complete and yesterday was the first day that I could actually sit down and weave for about three weeks. It has been a long hard job with ten years of 'stuff' having to be sorted in my old studio, shelving units all p

      • State of Chaos in Studio
        My studio is in a state of chaos at the moment as I am in the middle of shifting it all into another space. I am moving with my friend Wilson Henderson into Anne Field's studio space and will be sharing with them. It is all a bit of a mission as this new studio space is smaller than what I ha

  • 2008
    • December
      • Exhibition at CoCA
        Well, it has been quite a while since I put my last entry into my blog. My main focus over the last few weeks was getting my work completed for the exhibtion at CoCA. It is all now finished and the work is hanging in the exhibition. The opening was just over a week ago and it has taken me all thi

    • October
      • Tapestry workshop in Palmerston North
        Last week I was in Palmerston North teaching the Manawatu tapestry weavers colour and design in tapestry. We had a great week, very full on, and the students produced a lot of work and hopefully learnt a lot. They were quite out of their comfort zones with some of the design exercises that they ha

      • Work continues and Paradise ducks
        I have been working hard in my small studio at home on the small tapestries for my exhibition in November. These small works are a spinoff from my 'Beachcomber'tapestry which was in the 'Land' exhibition in Canberra last May. Beachcomber has sparked a whole new series of work,

    • September
      • A Tapestry in the Contemporary Art Collection

        Last weekend I went to a breakfast given by the Friends of the Christchurch Art Gallery where Julia Morison and I talked about our collaborative tapestry 'Raiment'. The tapestry has been put up in the Contemporary Art Collection at the Christchurch Gallery and it looks really

      • Work Continues
        I have been working on the second 'Underfoot' tapestry for two weeks now and it is going quite well, though not as fast as would like it to. The most complex part of this tapestry is in the beginning of it so hopefully the next sections will go along a lot faster. I did not cut 'Und

    • August
      • New Work
        Somce the cutting off of 'Musicians in the Square' I have been working on a new series of tapestries, drawings and photographs. I have an exhibition booked at CoCA for the end of November so am working hard on this series entitled 'Underfoot' to produce enough work for the exhib

    • July
      • 'Cutting Off' Musicians
        Last week saw the last of the weaving of 'Musicians in the Square'. This tapestry had been on the loom for quite some time as I had to stop working on it to weave 'Mysterium'. 'Musicians in the Square' is the fourth tapestry in the 'City Life' series and fea

      • Lightwaves Exhibition at Pataka Art Museum
        The Professional Weavers Network of New Zealand's exhibition 'Lightwaves' was opened at Pataka Art Museum and Gallery on Sunday 29th June. Here is a sample of some of the works on show in the exhibition.

        Photo 1: Trish Armour's lovely tapestry 'the Dance of the

    • June
      • The 'Adoration of the Magi' tapestry

        The Christchurch Art Gallery, Te Puna O Waiwhetu has over the last few months, been showing an exhibition of the works of William Morris. This exhibiton 'Morris & Co' has been very popular and people have travelled from all over New Zealand to see it. The best work in th

      • I am now settled in my new home
        Here is one photo of my new home looking from the lounge into the kitchen. I am finally starting to feel that this new place is home and am also feeling good about it. It has been a hard few weeks and it is so good now to feel more settled. I still haven't put many of my art works on the wal

    • May
      • Tapestry Symposium in Canberra
        Wow! It is a long time since I put an entry into my blog. I hadn't realised that it was so long. Life has been rather hectic for me lately, what with having to find somewhere else to live and my trip to Canberra to the Tapestry Symposium in early May. I received notice to vacate my flat in

    • March
      • Roberta is Leaving!
        Tomorrow morning I will be taking Roberta out to the airport and waving her goodbye. She is flying home to Denmark after spending almost three months in my studio.

        We have got on very well and she has been a great help to me, talking to visitors who come in to the studio so that I can

      • Progress on 'Mysterium'
        I have been working hard on 'Mysterium' my work for the Professional Weavers' Network of NZ exhibition 'Light Waves'. I am just on the halfway mark with this transparency weaving. It has been a bit of a challenge, but I am now really pleased with how it is looking.
    • February
      • An Invasion of Kids
        A couple of weeks ago my son Mike, his partner Penne and their five children along with Mike's friend Mark came to Christchurch and stayed for ten days or so. I really enjoyed their visit and spent some time doing the 'granny' thing, having one child a night to stay with me. My wee

      • New Work for Professional Weavers' Exhibition
        The last few weeks have been exptremely busy, so much so that I have not had much chance to write my blog page. I have had visitors and family staying which has been very enjoyable and I am now back seriously working on my latest project. There are now actually four unfinished projects in my studi

    • January
      • My Apprentice Weaver
        A few weeks before Christmas I received a telephone call from Roberta, an American lady who has lived for 56 years in Denmark. She was wanting to spend time in a tapestry studio as a helper-apprentice-student and asked me if it was possible for her to come to Christchurch and work with me. My spur

      • A Friend at Work

        My friend Ross Malcom is visiting from Auckland and spends a lot of time on my front verandah working on his latest piece of jewellery. Ross is a contemporary jewellery maker using the found object as his inspiration. He has work in some of the major contemporary galleries which special

      • A Christmas Holiday
        This year I spent Christmas with my kids in Hamilton, in the North Island of New Zealand. All my kids live in the North Island except for my eldest daughter Nicola who lives in Hobart with her husband and three children. We had a lovely family gathering at my daughter Elissa and her husband Ian�

  • 2007
    • November
      • A Drawing for my Sister-in-law
        I recently completed a drawing of my sister-in-law's first grandchild, little Hayley who was born just six or eight weeks ago.
        Marilyn (yes she has the same name as me! I often tease her about pinching my name when she married my brother Tony) gave me a two photographs of Hayley which I

      • Progress on New Tapestry
        I have been working well on the tapestry 'Musicians in the Square'. I have been weaving for five weeks now, and am about one third of the way through it. As you can see in the photograph the colours are bold and strong and are working well together. The tapestry is being woven on its s

      • A Surprise Visit
        Last week I had a lovely surprise visit from my Irish cousin Margaret Rea. Margaret and I are both descended from Hugh and Margaret Rea from County Down in Ireland. Our great grandfather's were brothers. My great grandfather James Armstrong Rea was born at Hillhead Farm in 1842 and he decide

    • October
      • 'Cityscape' Tapestry hanging in the studio
        I have just hung the tapestry 'Cityscape' on the back wall of the studio. Here are two images of how it looks.

        This tapestry was completed earlier this year and it features the shopfront window of Max's clothing shop in Cashel Mall, Christchur

      • New Work
        Since my return from Australia I have been busy setting up my big loom for a new tapestry. I have been weaving now for almost two weeks and the tapestry is well on its way. This image shows the first week's work.

        The tapestry is another one in the'City Life' s

      • Some Pics from my time in Hobart
        I had a lovely time in Hobart with my eldest daughter Nicola, her husband Paul and their three kids, Kate, Liam and Briar. My third daughter Kellie travelled there and back with me too. This photograph shows the view over Hobart from their home. They live in Sandy Bay overlooking the city.

      • Teaching in Hobart
        Whilst in Hobart I spent three days in the second week teaching Cate and Robbie who are both fairly new to tapestry. They had visited my studio in Christchurch a few months previous to my trip and were both interested in learning more about tapestry weaving so we organised to have the workshop at m

      • I'm Home from my Teaching Trip
        Well, I have been away in Australlia for three weeks and have been home a week now. I spent two weeks at my daughter Nicola's home in Hobart, Tasmania and had a lovely time with her family and also with my third daughter Kellie who came to Hobart with me. Family time is precious for me as I d

    • August
      • Lace 2
        "Lace 2' is growing!! I have been back working on this tapestry for the last three or four weeks and at last it is looking as if I am getting somewhere with it. I am about six inches away from halfway now. I love working on this piece. It is very fine for such a large tapestry, 13 epi

      • Exhibition at NG Gallery
        The last few weeks have been very busy for me as I was preparing for this exhibiton before I went to spend a week in Hamilton for my daughter's 40th birthday. The exhibiton was due to be hung the day after I returned home from Hamilton so I had to make sure that everything was ready before I l

    • July
      • Kidsfest Tapestry classes
        This week is the week of the Kidsfest classes which are held every July in the school holidays. Christchurch children are able to experience all sorts of activities as well as arts and crafts I have had my first class of three 8-9year old girls.

        These three girls, Zoe, France

      • Drawing Classes
        Every Saturday afternoon for the last seven weeks I have taken a small class of three students for drawing. This class is an extension class in drawing for distance learning students for the Diploma of Ceramic Arts at Otago Polytechnic. I have been taking these students for three years now and hav

    • June
      • Tapestries in CoCA exhibition
        I was really pleased a couple of weeks ago when my tapestries 'Black on Black' were accepted as finalists in the Anthony Harper Award exhibiton at Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) here in Christchurch. I have been a working member at CoCA for a number of years now, and this exhibition is

      • My Studio
        I took some photographs a couple of days ago of the studio and how it is looking at the moment. There are two looms with work on them and it is looking a very busy place. A week or so ago (when the big tapestry 'Watching the Rerun of an Ancient Programme' went away to Ashburton) I reorga

    • May
      • Tapestry in Exhibition
        Yesterday Brian and I travelled down to Ashburton to see the tapestry 'Watching the Rerun of an Ancient Programme'. This tapestry was a collaborative work with Michael Armstrong, an artist living in Timaru. Michael's work is on show at the moment in an exhibtion at the Ashburton Art

      • New Work
        I have been very busy the last few weeks. A new work has been started on the same loom on which 'Cityscape' was woven. This work is titled 'Ferns' and is a fairly colourful abstraction based on the ferns found in our native bush. The tapestry measures 55cm across and will be a

    • April
      • Small Portrait Tapestry Finally Completed.
        The small portrait tapestry for my client Bruce Finnerty is finally completed. I worked hard last week to try and finish this wee work and here it is at last - ready to go into its frame.

        I am really pleased with this work. It is a good likeness of Bruce and though it is a v

      • Completed Tapestries
        Marie and Heather were the first two students to send me photographs of their completed tapestries. Heather photocopied her self portrait photograph and cut two copies into strips, one horizontally and the other vertically. She then wove the two together to create her design. This formed an inte

      • Workshop with Manawatu Tapestry Weavers
        Two weeks ago I spent five days in Palmerston North teaching my workshop 'Deconstruction, Reconstruction - Portraits in Tapestry' to the Manawatu tapestry weavers. The workshop was organised by Heather Adlam and took place in her home. Luckily she has a large house with plenty of room as

    • March
      • Eklektika Exhibiton
        Last week the Eklektikans held their seventh exhibition in Gallery 'O' upstairs in the Arts Centre of Christchurch. The Eklektika Group is a group of originally nine artists who all showed their work at CoCA (Centre of Contemporary Art) members' exhibitions and a number of us had had

      • Professional Weavers Network of New Zealand Seminar
        Last weekend the Professional Weavers Network Seminar was held here in Christchurch at Cracroft and we all had a great weekend.For the last few months a curatorial and exhibiton committee have been working on a concept for our next major exhibition which will probably happen in 2008/09. The respons

    • February
      • Try again
        Here is another try to get this photograph posted.

        Wow! It worked this time. Hurray!

      • The Cutting Off!
        'Cityscape' is finally off the loom! I cut it off two days ago and am now working on the finishings, which do seem to take an awful long time.

        Don't I look pleased to be doing this? I was too, actually!!! It is a very good feeling to have a tapestry complet

      • New Contact
        I have recently made contact with Donna and Neil Hitchcox who live near Timaru. Donna is a tapestry weaver but she also weaves fine scarves, shawls etc.using the best mohair, and alpaca yarns that they produce on their property. They have set up a new business selling their lovely products and th

      • Almost finished!
        The progress on 'Cityscape' is going well. I have about another week's work to do and it should be finished. So all good. The colours are working well too and I am looking forward to seeing the whole work when it comes off the loom. Here is an image of the tapestry as it was two da

    • January
      • Busy times in the Studio
        The last few days since I got back from my holiday have been very busy. A number of visitors, mostly tourists but also one or two friends and people I know. A few days ago Serena and I had a visit from Bev Furness from Auckland. Bev spent a week in my studio about three years ago learning to weav

      • Back from Holiday
        Well, here I am, back to work after a lovely time over in Westport. Brian and I spent a few days wandering around the Buller District. We went to Karamea and walked to Scott's beach which is an hour up the Heaphy Track. Walking through the native bush is just awesome, very good for the soul.

      • More Stuff!
        I am going to be going away for nearly a week - over to Westport to my nephew's wedding and staying on for a few days. I was born and bred in Westport and some of my siblings still live there. I have not been home for over two years now, so it will be good to spend some time there.

      • Work in Progress
        I have been working quite steadily on the tapestry 'Cityscape' and am pleased with its progress. It has to be completed by the end of February at the latest as it will be sent to the Norsewear Awards in March.

        The colours in this tapestry are working well. I am mixing the co

      • Happy New Year
        Looking at my blog page this morning I realise that it is past time for me to add a new entry. Happy New Year to all my readers whoever you may be! I have had quite a lovely laid back time over the Christmas and New Year period with a few days out of the studio. Yesterday my friend Brian and I we

  • 2006
    • December
      • A Mini Exhibition
        The three textile artists in the Artists Quarter, Sue Spigel, Serena McWilliam and myself have displayed our small brooches, pendants and bracelets in a mini exhibition of these miniature textiles. We have all worked pretty hard over the last few weeks preparing the work for this display and are pl

      • Miniature tapestries to adorn the body!
        I have been working quite steadily on weaving more of the miniature tapestries to make pendants and brooches out of them. Here is an image of some of them. The designs for these three came from the windows of the Christchurch Art Gallery. The gallery has a whole frontage of windows which reflect t

    • November
      • Another Try with Photo of 'Cityscape'
        Here goes with another try to put up a better image of 'Cityscape'. I have just downloaded some more images into my computer so hopefully this one will be better.

        This image shows where I am up to at the moment with the weaving.

      • City Life tapestries
        I have been working on a series of tapestries entitled 'City Life' for a wee while now. The first tapestry in this series is 'Exhibition Opening' which was first shown in my exhibition
        'Primary Connections' at CoCA in January 2005. The second work is

      • Serena's Studio
        I am posting here a photograph of Serena McWilliam in her studio in the Artists Quarter. Her studio is diagnonally across from mine, and Serena does beautiful work. Her specialities are machine embroidery, botanical drawing and printmaking. The main focus of her work comes from nature, from plants

      • Visitors to the Studio
        The last two or three weeks have been quite busy with visitors passing through the Artists Quarter and coming to see the artists working. I have had a number of people coming into the studio interested in the tapestry and other work. I have sold two of my brooches which is really encouraging me t

    • October
      • Tapestry Brooches
        Well, it is a quite some time since I last made an entry into my blog pages. I have been very busy in my studio working on the 'Cityscape' tapestry but also working some days on weaving small tapestry brooches. This is an attempt to create some small works for the Christmas market. Bro

      • One Day Workshop
        A couple of weeks ago I had two students for my second one day workshop. The students were Alice, a 12 year old girl from down south and Margaret, her aunty from England. We had a very good day and Alice and Margaret came really close to completing their small tapestries.

        The photogra

    • September
      • Work started on City Scape
        Here I am again! I am finding that I seem to be writing in my blog only once a week, but I guess that is okay. I have had a couple of letters from my blog site and that is great. If any reader of this blog would like to e-mail me on any issue I bring up then please do. I enjoy the contact with

      • Starting New Work
        Well, it has been a few days since I last wrote an entry into my blog. I have had a few days out of the studio this last week as my daughter Nicky and gandaughter Kate have been staying with me. Nicky and Kate live in Hobart in Tasmania and it was so lovely having them come to stay. Nicky is a ly

      • Finishings
        I have been working this week on finishing the tapestry 'Picnic' which features my son's children. We had been on a picnic in the Bird Gardens at Katikati last February when I caught this image on my camera. I loved the way I caught them all with their hands in their mouths - just on

    • August
      • A Warning to Artists
        Well, this last week has been a bit of a disappointing one in that I thought I had made my first sale from my website. Great excitement initially. I had been in contact by e-mail with a lady from London calling herself Katherine Cole and asking me to send her three drawings which she had seen on my

      • Commissioned Tapestries
        I am writing today, about commissioned tapestries after posting the image of Kevin Hickman's tapestry yesterday. This photograph shows Kevin and his wife Joanna, his father Tony Hickman and myself holding the tapestry just after Kevin had cut it from the loom. The 'cutting off' cerem

      • Commissioned Work

      • Hullo to my Readers
        Well, here we go - my first attempt at writing a blog. Many thanks to Ian, my son-in-law, for putting this page together for me and also for all the work he has done on my website over the years. He designed the website and set it up for me so that I could change the images and add to them when ne

      • First Test Entry