Lately I have been working on some concepts for a potential tapestry commission.

Progress on the finishings of the Cloak Form 
I have been working on the finishings of this wee tapestry in the evenings while watching the television - if there is anything of interest to watch. Tonight a good movie was on on TV1 - The Reader.

It is quite a long job to darn in all the threads in the back of a tapestry, even a small one and I don't often do that, but decided to in this case as I don't want a lot of bulk on the inside of the form once it is manipulated into its cloak shape.

Starting Harriet - detail 

I am now working on the last portrait in the 'Three Girls' tapestry, so I am on the last lap with this work. Still a lot of work to do though, before it is finally completed. I try to work for at least three hours a day and sometimes more on this tapestry which is the major work at the moment, but as a balance for my body, I need to take regular breaks from weaving and do other things in between the weaving sessions. Even working on a different tapestry, such as the leaf forms on a frame, helps to balance the effect on the body as I think different muscles etc are used on different works. Drawing, painting and designing are also done in between weaving sessions, so I keep busy all day. And of course, teaching tapestry and drawing also takes my time when I have a student staying.

Ants on the sink bench. 
Ants can be a bit of a nuisance here in Hamilton. I never saw them inside in Christchurch, but here if the sink bench isn't wiped down well they soon turn up for a feast. I talk to them and tell them that they had better go away right now or they will be zapped! Have zapped a few here and there, but if I tap on the bench lightly, they don't seem to like that and run away quite quickly. They are fascinating little creatures, aren't they!

Leaves again 

Another tapestry leaf - front side after all warp threads are darned in.

Back of leaf showing how it looks with all the warp threads neatly darned in and trimmed.

Tapestry leaves in process 
Well, here we are, only five days into January and already I have missed a day of adding at least one photo into my blog. So, maybe today I will do two entries, one this morning and one again this evening....haha! Up early this morning and weaving another leaf for the Leaves project. I put a 12cm wide warp on a frame loom, using the 12/9 warp cotton and weave about five or six leaves on the warp. You can see that I am shaping them as I go, surrounding the weave with the soumak knots which give them a tidy edge. Tonight I will show you the back sides of the leaves.

The muddle on my table tonight. 

This is how my table is looking tonight - a real muddle of yarns, photos, scissors etc etc. I have just started another leaf form for my plan of weaving enough tapestry leaves to form an installation of small tapestries. I am thinking of turning them into brooches as well and mounting them on small canvas's as small wearable art pieces. And here are the leaves that I have woven so far. I am aiming to weave at least 40 of them before August.

Cloak Form tapestries 
The first of the cloak form tapestries. This series will consist of four small sculptural tapestries each measuring around 28 - 30cm high and hanging from a central point. This one is 'Sky' or 'Air'. They represent the four elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth. I intend to mount them in perspex boxes that will probably hang on a wall, or alternatively be shown on a plinth.

Darn!!!! The photo's have come in sideways, so I'm afraid you will all have to turn your heads to the left and imagine them up the right way as I do not kknow how to rotate them. They came into photoshop the right way up, so I was expecting them to do the same here. No such luck.......!

Cloak form tapestries 
This small tapestry came off the frame loom a couple of days ago. It is the second in a series of small cloak forms. These small sculptural tapestries will be displayed in perspex boxes which will hang on a wall.

There is a lot of work to do to finish the tapestry and create the cloak form with it. All the weft threads need to be darned in and the warp threads tied back so that they do not show.

Christmas Dinner 
Christmas dinner at my daughter's home.

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