Veronica and her tapestry. 

This is my little sister Veronica posing by the tapestry of her that I wove many years ago. This tapestry has been hanging in our Mum's studio unit at Ngaio Marsh Village in Christchurch for many years. Recently however, Mum was shifted into a single room as she needs much more individual care now, so the tapestry is now hanging in Veronica's home. I was pleased to give it to her the keep and hand down through her own family.

Veronica was born two days before my 27th birthday and four weeks after my son Michael's birth. She is younger than four of my children and is a good aunty to them all.....haha!

Mum's 90th birthday 
Today was our Mum's 90th birthday and we had a lovely family gathering at the Retirement Village. All of her children were there, and some of the grandchildren.

Sketch for the Family History 
My sister Yvonne Rea has been researcing the Rea family History for many years and I am now helping her to put her writings into book form on my computer ready for printing. Yvonne has glaucoma and is fairly close to losing her sight altogether, so this project has been a major one for her and it is so good that it is nearing completion at last.

I have been drawing the odd sketch for to illustrate the book and here is one of our great grandfather's and great grandmother's grave on the top of the cemetery hill at Ross on the West Coast of the South Island. This sketch is drawn in pencil with a watercoloour wash.

A tapestry in it's home 
A lovely day today meeting up with Christchurch friends whom I haven't seen for two years. Coffee in the gardens with Diane Ammar who worked with me on the Government House tapestries. So good to catch up with her and spend some time hearing about what she has been up to since I left Christchurch. Then a quick trip through the city to see my friend Kristin who has been very sick with pneumonia, but is now slowly recovering. Tea at Eleanor and Jacks with Wil and George - a very special time.

Catching up with old friends is great and catching up with some of my old tapestries is also great. Here is a photograph of one that lives at Wil's place. The tapestry hangs above a dresser holding some of Wil's treasures. It is a small piece featuring some bush images of ferns and the native clematis.

A New Start for a New Year 
Wishing all of you who check out my blog a happy New Year for 2015. May it be a wonderful year for you all. I am down in Canterbury at the moment staying with my friend Wil and his partner George for a couple of weeks. I had Christmas with my family at my sister Vernonica's place at Waimarie Beach and we had a great day. I have also been visiting my Mum who will be celebrating her 90th birthday on Sunday 4th January.

I am having a lovely time here at Wil's place. He has about a roughly 6acre property which is planted in a variety of trees and he also has a lovely garden which bellbirds and grey warblers often visit. Fantails abound here as well so I feel right at home. George's friend Carol from Sydney is also staying here and she celebrated her birthday yesterday. she has been looking after some broody hens and chickens for Wil's daughter Kathryn at whose house she has been staying next door. I decided to do a drawing of one of the chickens for Carol for her birthday and as a memory of her visit.

I drew Carol's hands in pencil and used watercolour for the chicken and was rather pleased with how it turned out. I really do enjoy drawing.

The tapesty is finished. 
Last week Anna came to Hamilton to cut her tapestry from the loom. Two of her friends came with her and I had two of my friends here so we had a lovely afternoon and it was great to see the tapestry finished at last. Here it is finished on the loom the day before it came off.

It is always exciting to cut a tapestry off the loom as it is the first time it can be seen the right way up and in its entirety. This next photo shows Anna just starting to cut the warp threads. Her expression shows her excitement, as this was the first time she had seen the tapestry apart from photographs that I had sent her.

And here it is........! My friend Carole and I holding it up so that Anna could see it properly for the first time.

My Visit to Hobart 
The day after my birthday I travelled to Hobart with my eldest daughter Nicola and of course had my camera at the ready all the time. Flying over Melbourne on the way to Hobart. It was starting to get a bit dark and the sky was very hazy but we flew right over the city so I couldn't resist taking the photographs.

Some interesting patterns on the ground across Tasmania.

And here is a pen and wash sketch of the Derwent River and the view from Nic's lounge window.

Introducing George to the joys of textiles and yarns 

Jenna brought wee George around to my place today and didn't he have a lot of fun discovering the joys of playing with yarns. There are a lot of fun things to play with at Great Granny's house.

More progress is made. 

More progress has been made on the tapestry, but it is rather slow going as there are so many subtle colour changes in Harriet's face that I have had to unpick here and there before I was happy with it.

I have made some progress on Harriet's portrait today, having finished the eye and now I need to work in the mouth area and build that up I was a bit concerned initially that I wasn't capturing her likeness, but when I look at the tapestry with my head tilted to the side I see that I have. The colour blending is quite difficult to get right and quite a bit of it has come out and been rewoven a second time.

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