The drawing of Libby..... 

Market Day 
Today I went for a walk into Hamilton East shops and saw that it was Market Day. As I wandered around the stalls I talk a number of photographs as resource material for a series that I have in mind to work on in the future. Here is one of the images.


Portrait of a Grandson 
This painting was made a bit over a year ago and is of my grandson Connor. I have been painting since I was a child, but when I started to weave tapestries in the early 1980's tapestry took over and I have only recently over the last three or four years started to paint with acrylics again. I am struggling a wee bit with the techniques of acrylic paint and am thinking to have a go again with oils. I did my first oil painting at the age of 13 - many many years ago. I do think I enjoy the process of tapestry more than the process of painting, but drawing has always been fun for me and I have always kept that skill going all my life.

A Drawing of Libby 
This afternoon I started working on a drawing of a friend's little dog Libby. I think I have captured her pensive look. It is a long way from finished as yet but I have made a good start I think. I offered to draw Libby with the idea that if the drawing works well I might get the odd commission to draw other people's pets. If any of you out there would like drawing of your pet do e-mail me a good photograph to work with or contact me through the blog. I would like to hear from some of you who are looking at my blog. Aren't I doing well with my resolution to post at least one image a day......hope it lasts!

Progress on Anna's tapestry 

I have started working on the second section of Harriet's face.

McLaren Falls 
On the way home from Tauranga yesterday we stopped by the McLaren Falls. This is an amazing place, very inspirational.

A Day away from Home and Studio 
My friends Maxine, Craig and Maxine's Mum Maureen have been staying with me for the last few days and today we took a drive over to Tauranga. We had a lovely day, visited the Tauranga Art Gallery where we saw a great exhibition of paintings - Modern Fables - by Ray Ching. Awesome works. I took Maxine to see the Baycourt tapestries which were woven by myself and Jill Kobayashi almost thirty years ago. They are still in good condition. We then drove over to the Mount and had a walk along Pilot Bay and the Ocean Beach and on the way home stopped at the McLaren Falls. Took heaps of photo's of the lovely rocks and falling water there.

Here is Maxine in front of the Mount.

Bird Bath 
A wee while back I went to Mitre 10 Garden place to buy plants and came home with a bird bath for my garden instead of plants. It is right outside my studio window and I get a lot of pleasure by watching the birds enjoy their baths. Here is a baby blackbird wanting a swim but not too game to get into the water.

I have had a lot of baby birds around my place and it is a joy to watch them. One ventured inside one day and got stuck in the shelf by the front door and didn't know how to get out of it, so I had to catch it and put it outside. Next day he somehow got locked in the garage overnight and had to be rescued again! They are so funny!

This morning I was sitting outside in the sun eating my breakfast and getting my dose of Vitamin D for the day, when I noticed the sun catching the waterdrops on the grasses of the lawn. The sun was reflecting wonderful colours and I tried to capture that with my camera.

I did capture the water drops, but unfortunately the camera could not see the colours. Disappointing! But it is a lovely image anyway and I do love capturing the small details that we often miss in our busy lives.

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