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Commissioned work

Linwood Library Tapestry
Tapestry for St Canice's Church, Westport
The Baycourt Tapestries
The Duvauchelle's Tapestry
The Government House Tapestry Screen
The James Chu Tapestry
Tolmarchoff Tapestry
'At the Bay - Bruce's Pond'
'Bob and Cameron'
'Folster Children'
'Jesus At The Mount'
'Lace I'
'Lake View with Rocks'
'Maureen and Tony'
'Millennium Tapestry'
'Mountscape 2'
'Okaine's Bay - Cabbage Tree'
'Paul Hickman'
'Portrait of a Man'
'Portrait of a Psyche'
'Te Puna Landscape'
'Women of Marlborough'

Artworks for Sale

'A Matter of Degree'
'Black on Black'
'Do Not Stare'
'Enigma 2'
'Export Gold'
'Fallen Camellias 1'
'Fallen Camellias 2'
'Flowing Water'
'Living in the South Pacific'
'Mountain Daisy'
'Musicians in the Square'
'Red Banner 1'
'Synthesis 1'
'Synthesis 2'
'Synthesis 3'
'Synthesis 4'
'Synthesis 5'
'Synthesis 6'
'Synthesis 7'
'Synthesis 8'
'The Exhibition Opening'
'The Railway Cups'
'Watching the Rerun of an Ancient Programme'

City Life Series

'Musicians in the Square'
'The Exhibition Opening'

Digital Art Works

'Boy Swimming'
'Faces in the Water 1'
'Memories of Disaster'
'We Are Blind...'

Homage Series

Homage to Picasso - The Dream
'Homage to Hanly - Girl Asleep'
'Homage to Jasper Johns'
'Homage to Matisse - The Dream'
'Homage to O'Keefe'
'Homage to Schiele'
'Homage to Warhol'


'City at Night'
'Hereford St Bridge'
'Shop Window 6'
'Shop Window at Night 1'
'Shop Window at Night 2'
'Shop Window at Night 3'
'Shop Window at Night 4'
'Shop Window at Night 5'
'Vanishing Figure'

The Government House Tapestry Screen

A close-up detail
And another close-up detail showing the texture of the work
Back weaving
Design Concept for Tapestry Screen
Diane and Marilyn celebrating the completion of the weaving.
Dr Warren Feeney cutting the last tapestry from the loom.
Marilyn at the loom just a few weeks before the earthquake which destroyed the studio
The Completed Tapestry Screen
The first panel after seven days of weaving.
The looms in storage after the earthquake
The screen at Government House
The studio before the Earthquake

Underfoot - Centre of Contemporary Art December 08

Canaday Gallery showing the photographs on the left wall.
Canaday Gallery showing the right hand wall which featured the drawings
Canaday Gallery showing the tapestries on the end wall
The Miniature tapestries.
'Export Gold'
'Fallen Camelias 1'
'Fallen Camelias 2'
'Flowing Water'
'Underfoot - Dead Duck'
'Underfoot - Dead Sparrow'
'Underfoot - Pavement 1'
'Underfoot - Pavement 2'
'Underfoot - Pavement 3'
'Underfoot - Pavement 4'
'Underfoot - Pavement 5.
'Underfoot - Pavement 6'
'Underfoot - Pavement 7'
'Underfoot - Pavement 8'
'Underfoot - Pavement 9'
'Underfoot 1'
'Underfoot 2'

Work in Progress

Marilyn at work on 'Lace 2'
The Picnic (detail)
"Lace 2"
'Lace 2
'Lace 2'
'Lace 2' (detail)
'Lace 2' Second detail
'The Picnic
'The Picnic'

"New Connections"

"New Connections 10"
"New Connections 1"
"New Connections 2"
"New Connections 3"
"New Connections 4"
"New Connections 5"
"New Connections 6"
"New Connections 7"
"New Connections 8"
"New Connections 9"

'Just Faces'

Consciousness is.......
What is Consciousness?
Where is the Seat of Consciousness?
'Happiness is Full of Sorrow'
'Just Faces'
'No Love Without Hurt'
'Spirit of Woman'
'Woman Spirit III'
'Woman Spirit II"
'Woman Spirit IV'
'Woman Spirit I'
'Woman Spirit V'

'Primary Connection' An Exhibition of Collaborative Tapestry

A Matter of Degrees
An overview of the Exhibition.
Angel and Fly
Garden Chalice
Living in the South Pacific
Pacific Song I & II
She Holds the World......
The Exhibition Opening
The Millennium Tapestry
The Millennium Tapestry
The Railway Cups
Two Faces
View of Exhibition
View of Exhibition
View of Exhibition
View of Exhibition
View of Exhibition
Watching the Rerun of an Ancient Programme
'Angel & Fly' renamed 'Raiment'
'Raiment' at the Christchurch Art Gallery


'Elizabeth' Totara (recycled)
'Fleur' Totara (recycled)
'Jenna & Brent'
'Miles' Totara (recycled)
'Sarah' Matai (recycled)
'Tinker & Press' Totara (recycled)
'Tony' Totara (recycled)

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Marilyn Rea-Menzies
Artist Studio and Hallway Gallery
50 Albert Street
Hamilton East

Ph: 64 7 856 6010
Cell: 027 474 3441