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Gallery One - Homage Series
The "Homage" works are part of an ongoing series of homage to great artists that I feel have influenced my work over many years.
The first pieces in this series are tapestries and the last three have been drawings worked in conte and charcoal. These black and white portraits of the artists alternate with interpretations of one the works by the artist.
The images are deconstructed and put together again in a new way.
The black and white photographs reflect my interest in the human form. Along with the face the body has always been a source of continuous fascination for me.
An endless variety of shape and form provides constant inspiration.

'Homage to Picasso - The Dream'
8epi - cotton warp, wool weft.
91 x 102 cm  (36 x 40 inches) 
Winner of 'Originality in Form' Avenue One Awards, 1991.
Collection of Liz Grieve, Auckland.

Price. $6000
Status. SOLD

'Homage to Matisse - The Dream'
8 epi, Cotton warp, wool, cottolin weft.
103 x 113 cm  (40.5 x 44.5 inches)
Collection of Carole Morris, Cambridge.

Price. $6800
Status. SOLD

'Homage to Hanly - Girl Asleep'
9epi, Cotton warp, wool, linen and cotton weft.
174 x 98 cm  (68.5 x 38.5  inches)
Exhibited 'Itnet 2000'
Price. $8000
Status. SOLD
Purchaser unknown.

'Homage to Warhol'
133 x 69 cm  (52.5 x 27 inches)
Charcoal and Acrylic
Price. $NZ 3200
Status. SOLD

'Homage to Jasper Johns'
130 x 65 cm  (51 x 25.5 inches)
Charcoal and Conte
Price. $NZ 2800
Status. For Sale

'Homage to O'Keefe'
130 x 65 cm  (51 x 25.5 inches)
Charcoal and Conte
Charcoal and Conte
Price. $NZ 2800
Status. For Sale

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