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Digital Art Works
This gallery is to show the digital art works that I have made recently. This is quite a change from tapestry and drawing but really fun to do. These works are original digital prints and not reproductions of art works done in a different medium so I have no hesitation in calling them prints.

''We Are Blind...''
84 x 84cm
This work is my first major digital art work. It has been accepted in the Anthony Harper Awards at CoCA (Centre of Contemporary Art) in Christchurch. The work deals with issues of blindness, both the genetic physical aspect and the mental and psycholigical aspects of blindness in its many forms.

Price. $1800.00
Status. For Sale

''Memories of Disaster''
19.5 x 17cm
This work was one of my first attempts to create digital art works. It was created in honour of all the people who died in 9/11 and features an image of one of the firemen, which I found in a newspaper. It also features the steel from Ground Zero which was sent to Christchuch for a sculpture created by Graham Bennett. I photographed Graham's sculpture and played with the images to create this print. Limited edition of 10 prints.

Price. $165.00
Status. For Sale

''Faces in the Water 1''
26 x 19.5cm
This image was created when I was still trying to work out how to use the layers in photoshop and I was quite happy with this result.

Price. $165.00
Status. For Sale

''Boy Swimming''
98 x 57cm approx
This image is of my grandson Connor swimming underwater. I had this photograph printed on to canvas and it was exhibited in the exhibition 'Set' at CoCA in September 2005

Price. $0.00
Status. For Sale

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Marilyn Rea-Menzies
Artist Studio and Hallway Gallery
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Hamilton East

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