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City Life Series
These tapestries were woven over a period of four years and have been exhibited separately but not together as a series. Tapestry is such a slow process that it is difficult to create a body of work in one series in a short period. I tend to add to a series over a number of years and the works are seldom shown together in one exhibition. These tapestries were woven in a particular style where the colour blending is done only on the bobbins and not during the weaving process. They are strong colourful, and contemporary in design. I designed the works on my computer and was fascinated by how much information can be lost during the abstraction process and yet the brain can still read the images.

''The Exhibition Opening''
209 x 99cm
This tapestry is the first in the 'City Life' series and was exhibited in my exhibiton 'Primary Connections' in 2004/5. The design for this tapestry derived from photographs cut into a montage, scanned into my computer and then manipulated into this image. Most of the people in this tapestry are my artist friends who were attending an exhibition opening at the Campbell Grant Gallery.

Price. $18000.00
Status. For Sale

92 x 55cm
This tapestry is much smaller than the others in this series, but is woven in the same style and took just as long to weave as the other larger works. The sett is 11epi and there is a lot of fine detail in this work. It is a family heirloom as it depicts my son's five children on a picnic in the gardens. Because I simplified the design many people think the children are at a beach. I loved the image of all the children with their hands to their mouths. This work is not for sale, but if it was would be priced at $10,000.

Price. $0.00
Status. SOLD

133 x 90cm
This work features the shop window of the Fashion shop 'Max' in Cashel Mall of Christchurch City. I am always intrigued by the excellent window displays of this shop. Again I scanned the image and manipulated it into an image that I felt I could weave. The sett in this work is much finer than the two larger works 'The Exhibition Opening' and 'Musicians in the Square' and has much more detail so is priced accordingly. I love the image of the models and again am fascinated by the abstraction and simplification of image that occurs during the design process.

Price. $15000.00
Status. For Sale

''Musicians in the Square''
200 x 97cm
This tapestry features young people playing their musical instruments in Christchurch's City Square. It is the fourth work in this series and again the design was manipulated on the computer to simplify and abstract the image. Computers and textiles go 'hand in hand' and the computer is a great tool to use for tapestry design. The 'over and under' of the warp and weft is the 'binary code'. Every cross-over of threads is a pixel and colours blend in the same way as they do on a computer or video screen. Every colour woven into a tapestry stays in the tapestry and the eye blends the colours from a distance. It was a jacquard loom that inspired the first computer, and the 'web' has always been the body of the cloth.

Price. $18000.00
Status. For Sale

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